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I came here to complain and moan and whine.

2010 is quite a difficult year for me. I have to finish school and get into a university. I have less than two months left until the first exam and nine days until my mother tongue speaking credit. I haven’t started revising for the exams and I have no idea what to speak about in my speaking credit. Also, my marks at school are terrible and there are no universities that would like to accept me with grades like that.I’m so dumb. I’m taking French exam and the level of my French is severely to low.

I’m afraid. All I think about all the times is how I need to lose weight and blah blah, but I can’t stop eating and, what is worst of all, I started eating foods like French Fries and deep fried rye bread with garlic.And peanut butter. And muffins! Cinnamon rolls, ginger cookies. I overeat. I even overeat porridge. Porridge is healthy, yes yes, but not half a kilo in ten minutes.

I also think how I need to finish reading the pile of books near my bed, but I can’t. (After this sentence I went to the kitchen and took my second bowl of spelt and amaranth popcorn with oatmilk and maple syrup. Yay, more weight. I am a vegan. And I weigh 90 kilos. Who said that vegans are thin?) I just think about those books, but don’t read ’em. I make promises to read them every day. I also make promises to learn, do my homework and stop eating. And start exercising. Nope. Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I was never really interested in fashion. Now I have started to look at fashion blogs to inspire myself to do something in order to lose weight. To lose twenty kilos. At least. So tomorrow’s plan:


I don’t no what to eat for breakfast. I could eat veggie soup, but I have those spelt poppies and oatmilk and I don’t know. Who’s gonna eat them if not me? Ok. I will decide in the morning.


I will listen during lessons and read my book or revise for history test during breaks.

-After school/Lunch:

Smoothie for lunch made from papaya and avocado in the car.

-French courses:

I will speak speak and speak again.

– Mother tongue courses ( this is what our education system with arogant teachers makes us do ):

I will write an essay or something like that or some analysis for a stupid poem.


Cucumber for dinner.

Revision for history test and making of my stupid speech because I will have to say it in front of the class on Wednesday! Stupid stupid stupid. 7 minutes. I could definetely do something bad bad bad for my mother tongue teacher. Argh.

Yep. Maybe I need to get some decent sleep to be able to think tomorrow.

Look, what a beautiful site. There are many beautiful people on this Earth and someday I’m gonna be one of them.

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