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the dark and moody one

September 4, 2010

This is Milo. Milo is the name of a god.

Last year he was voted the sexiest vegetarian in the world. I was like: uh?.

I’ve only seen Pathology before and I didn’t like that movie at all. I am not sure if I am going to watch the other shitty movies Milo gets roles in. He deserved better. The role of Peter Petrelli in Heroes is great for him, but others.. Come on, he is an angel and he always has to play villans in boring films. No. Enough is enough. Milo must get a role he deserved. In a Christopher Nolan’s movie for example. They could create another role for him, if they don’t want to let Robin ruin the film.

This is my favourite picture of the god:

This is a stylish hero in the street:

Oh, what an advertisement for starbucks!

And this is the hero when he was young:

Oh, people change:

It’s a pity that they had cut his hair. Emo look is definetely Milo’s look, although I think he is neither dark, nor moody.

If I believed in god, I would pray that Milo would get a great role and that we’d have a possibility to see him in theatres! But I don’t, c’est dommage.

I want his vegetarian babies 🙂

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