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shosanna dreyfus

November 23, 2009

i’ve just wrote about the new tarantino’s masterpiece inglourious basterds. my favourite character probably was shosanna dreyfus, a jewish girl who’s family was killed by the nazies. as chance offers, shosanna gets an oppoturnity to make the nazies pay for death of her family and other jews. she strikes out an idea and succeeds.

shosanna is played by a young french actress mélanie laurent.

i never knew what to say when somebody asked me about good looking women in movie industry. i could name hundreds of handsome actors, but i never thought about actresses. until this i saw this movie. i’ve seen mélanie laurent before. she played a supporting role in movie paris, but just after inglorious basterds i’ve noticed how beautiful she really is. omg, i even can say “i wish i looked like her”.

i’m jealous of her birthmarks on the neck.


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  1. November 23, 2009 10:43

    No… I bet you’re just as pretty as her, if not even more…
    It’ll be like you with the actress, you never knew how beautiful she was until you saw her a little more… seems to me from your blog that you’re beautiful inside, therefore must be outside too 🙂



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