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a basterd’s work is never done

November 23, 2009

i’ve tried to write a diary many times. i always fill a few pages and throw the notebook away. i feel somehow silly while talking with paper. when one writes a blog,  there’s a possibility that someone will read this. so this time i will try to blog.

right now, i’m lying in bed with my laptop on the belly. i should call it “bellytop”, because it’s never on my lap. it’s either on the table, on the bed or on the belly! it’s 2 a.m. , but i drank probably 3 cups of coffee and 2 cups of tea and i’m sparkling. and tomorrow i’ll probably wake up at 2 p.m.. i know, this is bad, this is unhealthy, a bad habit. but i like the night more than the day. it’s so quiet. there’s no children, mowers, dishwashing, vacuuming. one can quietly read a book or watch a film. eh. i’m now quietly listening to david bowie. i’ve recently watched inglourious basterds. i’m not a tarantino fan, i’ve only seen pulp fiction and i wasn’t spellbound, but this one was amazing. i know that tarantino is famous for snappy dialogues in his movies, but in inglourious basterds it wasn’t only the dialogues. everything was amazingly amazing. the characters – aldo the apache with his perfect italian language, hans landa with his logic, shosanna, the bear, hugo, von hammersmark – they’re all so striking! also, the atmosphere, colours, scenography – everything’s just beautiful. and the music. especially the music. david bowie, ennio morricone – it couldn’t be better! magnificent. i highly recommend it, although i think that there aren’t many people who haven’t seen it. anyway, see it again.

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